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We bring games
to Nintendo Switch,
PlayStation 4/5,
iOS and Xbox One/Series.

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Dedicated Unity and Unreal
porting teams
Our company believes in dedication. Especially when it comes to engines. Therefore, we have teams, specializing in certain tech – and in our case, that's Unity and Unreal. You will not have to tell us twice what to do with your games – our guys know their tools of the trade.
QA team
Quality requires attention. Our QA team will make sure that the porting process Is up to the highest standards, and the released game lives up to its predecessor on the parent platform. Nobody loves bugs, so we deal with them with extreme prejudice throughout the entire job with your games.
Console stores distribution
Porting the game is one part of the job. It is crucial that the store page looks and works as it is intended – awesome, intriguing and selling. We know how to do that and with your help
PR & Marketing services through our partners
Our goal is foremost to provide you with the best porting service there is. But if you need additional marketing support – we can do that too, with the support of our vast network of friends in CIS and CEE. Tell us which regions require to be strengthened, and we will do our best to help you out.
Updating your game
Nobody wants to be left out when it comes to new updates. Yet sometimes the games on the consoles cannot keep up with their parent versions on Steam. We can help you elevate this issue and provide you
with a dedicated specialist, who will keep your game up to date – for a very favourable price.
— Project management
— Controls optimization
— Content optimization
— UI optimization
— Feature addition
— Ensuring compliance with Sony,
Nintendo and Microsoft stores
— LOT check process
— Setting up store pages
— Launching
— SDK integration
— Development
— Memory management optimization
— Performance optimization
— QA
Setting up
Focus on what you do best – games.
We'll take care of the rest.
Our goal is to adapt your project to bring the same gameplay experience to new devices.
Without additional efforts from you.
Optimization process, platform relations, specific technologies – our experienced team has your back.
With guaranties.
Samustai works strictly according to the estimated budget and deadlines.
Sin Slayers
Mittelborg: City of Mages
Full porting, release process.
Full porting, release process.
Full porting, release process, plus PR.
Katana Kata
Tribal Pass
Full porting, release process.
Full porting, release process.
Full porting, release process, plus PR.
Titan Chaser (Upcoming)
Full porting, release process.